In today's competitive market, it is imperative that companies recruit the best possible professionals within Supply Chain. At RoCHe Recruitment Solutions, we aim to deliver high value employees that leverage profit and develop strategies whilst reducing risk and costs. Our professional and dedicated consultants with in depth knowledge of the marketplace are on hand to work in partnership with you.

Our approach to the recruitment process is one of a consultative nature. We encourage a meeting with you in order to gain a full job briefing and obtain a detailed understanding of your organisation’s culture. Our methodology for resourcing will be tailor made according to your specific requirements and will be agreed directly with you. This may combine the sourcing of registered candidates, executive search, networking and advertising; either branded or unbranded.

Please call one of our Consultants on 07949 01 02 01 to discuss your requirements.
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Supply Chain News

How Employers can Attract New Supply Chain Talent:  

Fewer supply chain candidates appear to be looking to change employers due to the uncertainty about the future, and international candidates are less likely to commit to permanent roles in the UK as a result of Brexit. This means that companies have to work harder than ever to attract talent in this candidate driven market. 

1. Network
Whether you're networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, or at the latest conference, it's important to network in the passive candidate market as well as the active. Some of the best candidates in the market are not actively looking for opportunities and so, if you want to be the one to find them, set some time aside to do just that.

2. Invest in a Great Job Advertisement
With so many fantastic opportunities out there, it's more important than ever to immerse the candidate in the role on offer, and to give them a sense of the everyday; which stakeholders they will be working with? Where does the role sit in the organisation? Remember, a job description is not the same as a job advert and it is important to distinguish the two as each has a difference purpose entirely.

3. Review the Salary
Keep up to date with salaries in the market. Do they remain competitive?  A brand name isn’t everything in a candidate driven market.

4. Bring the Benefit
Ensure benefits are current and reflective of today’s working environment. Flexible working is fast becoming a crucial soft benefit - is your business embracing this? If you have a start up environment, there are several ‘off the shelf’ benefits packages available. 

5. Use a Niche Recruiter
A great recruiter will offer insight and advice on each of the above as part of their recruitment service. Niche recruiters hold a plethora of useful information on their sector and they will work with you to map where your roles sit in the job market. 

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